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Sponsor RMECC 2024

Connect with over 1,500 early childhood professionals. Click here to see our RMECC 2023 recap with audience statistics and demographics.

Interested in sponsorship?
Reach out to us at

Sponsorship Levels

RMECC2024 Sponsorship Matrix Image.jpg

Add Ons & Other Options

  • Product Plug Sponsorship - $500 (already included with levels above) 

Sponsor a session and give a 10-minute sales pitch and/or product sample at the end of a session to the attendees in that session. Note that the planning team will work with you to select the session on a first-come, first-served basis.  

  • Product Promotion Sponsorship or Add On - $1000 or $500 add on to a sponsorship level

Have a specific product or program you want to promote? This is the perfect way to do it.  

  • 3 social media posts about your product or service on the RMECC Facebook page (1.8K followers), RMECC X (Twitter - 465 followers), and RMECC LinkedIn (2K followers) sometime during the program year (ends June 30, 2024) 

  • 1 (300-500 word) blog post on the RMECC Blog – can include 1-3 photos and links 

  • 1 PPT ad in the event slideshow

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